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Gill: -SAF blir nøkkelen for å finne riktig etterfølger

I et intervju med The Independent sier David Gill at Sir Alex Ferguson får en nøkkelrolle når man skal finne hans erstatter.

«We would work with him in terms of identifying a replacement. In terms of criteria we will sit down and say ‘What attributes must a manager have?’ Lots of things come into that. British or European? What experience they have, languages, all that sort of thing as well as their track record.

«The final decision won’t be ‘Right, we are having him’. It will be discussed with Alex,  Bobby Charlton and the owners. I think Alex will be the key. He knows people. He will have a big role in advising and being a sounding board. I am sure we will talk with the owners and look at who is there and determine who we would like to appoint.

«It would be remiss of us not to use the expertise and knowledge that we have . I think it will be quite a close thing within the club to determine what kind of person. Alex has been very successful and another thing you have to understand is the culture of Manchester United. How we operate both on the football side and the non-football side – all that will have to be thought through.»

Gill legger heller ikke en demping på spekulasjonene om at Mourinho kommer til å ta over som manager i Man Utd etter noen år i Real Madrid. Han sier det hovedsaklig er en liten gruppe managere som er aktuelle, og på direkte spørsmål om Jose Mourinho svarer han.

«He’s done well, hasn’t he?»

Videre svarer han på spørsmål om han vil se på det å jobbe sammen med Mourinho som en spennende erfaring eller en stressende situasjon.

«I’m not going to comment on that. He has certainly got something about him. He’s a winner.»

Gill understreker at klubben følger nøye med på hvem som har hatt suksess i fotballverden de siste årene, og trekker frem Steve McClaren som et eksempel. Men sier også at han ikke er på listen over potensielle kandidater.

Han er også klar på at SAF kommer til å ha en rolle i klubben etter han gir seg som manager, men ikke på samme måte som Sir Matt Busby som kom tilbake som manager etter at Wilf McGuinness fikk sparken. Trolig heller i en ambassadørrolle.

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  1. 23 november 2012 @ 17:38 | #1

    Thanx for the vote of support M_D , these guys were aitacktng me from all sides , half of them i hardly know(though i never even want to)!!!!!Do u guys seriously think a kid can point out the mistakes of JM and discuss these topics with such a wide range of knowledge???? Guess not!!!!!!M_D u r absolutely on the money , the facts r in front of us that JM has made elementary mistakes which if i start listing r one too many for this post!!!!I admit JM is a very good manager , but on this blog it seems it is criminal to point out any of his mistakes!!!!It seems JM was never prepared to fight on 4 fronts , he hardly gives any respect to the Carling Cup and i think he expected us to be out of the FA pretty early as well , a squad of 23 is not good enough to compete so vigorously , another factor has been that this season our subs hav been low-class , as JM has only signed slowpoke Ballack and past-it Shev , on the other hand we hav lost Duff , Crespo , Gudjohnsen and Gallas all versatile and experienced men who hav not been replaced well enough!!!!Our bench is very weak SWP was a horrible signing , Ferreira has been a burden for far too long , Boula is not good enough to play in the EPL!!!!We hav so far survived only cuz Drog has been outstanding , and Carvalho has stood as rock!!!But JM’S failures r too many , yes he is a genius, yes he is a great tactician but he is also prone to making mistakes , its better if people start to admit this!!!! 28

  1. Ingen tilbakespor enda.

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